11 February 2012


eeEEee… mushuknyer!!

hellow assalamualaikum everyone
oppa lommpa
todae I nk update story about.

Keselesaan tyto dengan adanyer sumthing as a bedfellow
Xsemua org ad bedfellow okeyh!!
Sumtimes ad yg tyto without pillow + bolster

sumtimes ad yg sgt memerlukannyer
I mmg tsgt memerlukan pillow yg mnyk + bolster yg selese
The most important thing I punyer bedfellow
Msti u all nk tau kn apkah bedfellow I tu kn ??
Start dri I bby I da ada a sweety bedfellow

MAMA bg I bear kecik je blue in colour,,

Bear tu kcik je but it,s twin (ada dua)
Smpai laa I drjh 5 still sleepy with the bear
Bau musyuk jgn ckp laa
Smpai AYAH pernah smbunyikan n nk buang the blue bear
Cuz bear tu musyuk
AYAH said ‘’awk tu da telalu besar nk ad bear lg’’
Ohhh no!!!
Dgn kuase veto yg I ada untuk slmtkan bby bear i
I terpakse merelakan hati for wash it
Byle da wngi + bersih + cumil
I xnk bear tu
Cuz elang da musyuk yg ad pd bear tu x leyh jd bedfellow i
After that tah mne I cmpk teddy tu or AYAH da buang ka
I x tau..so story bout the bear trgntung n xtau mne da blue bear tu pg,,
Merajuk kot ngn i
One dae on the last da being a SIGS student
Miss oly Nabila my luffly sista

Give me a pillow
With is monkey pillow
she remind me to use the pillow when I in a hostel
I change it to monkey pillow
Besh beb diz pillow,,
It,s soft n dlm ye mcm ada biji2 kcik tu,,
Like a gabus laaa
Can u imagine it??
I used the pillow just for 2year then I gift it to someone
After a year without bedfellow
Onedae I follow my kzen tu AYER ITAM
With is many types of teddy + dora + elmo + mickey n so on
So I decide to buy a greeny froggie
It,s only rm20

I think I can affort it n take it as my NEW bedfellow
NOW,, I still used it,,
Thankx greeny froggie for being my bedfellow
Luff u musyuk
The most important think that make my sleepy being tightly is

It,s belong tu my luffly HUBBY
The smell of the shirt is double triple more then da first blue Bear that I had
U know why??

because the shirt already used it n I grab it from my hubby
To added my bedfellow
That blue shirt show a +ve reaction to my sleepy
Thankx yayunk for the shirt

Luff u double trouble bby,,

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